What is Crown Chakra ? 5 Simple Steps To Open Your Crown Chakra

Have you come across the term Crown Chakra ? If you have come across meditation then perhaps you may have heard about seven chakras of the body – Have you ? Even if you are clueless and have not heard about these chakras, I suggest you continue reading as I will be sharing something important which will bring more joy and contentment in your life. Do not worry it is not very complex 🙂

First let me ask you few direct questions, be brutally honest when you answer these questions;

  • Are you experiencing loneliness or feel disconnected with people around you ?
  • Are you finding it difficult make decisions and set new goals for yourself ?
  • Do you feel life has become meaningless and directionless for you ?
  • Are you just drifting day by day in a sense of discontentment ?
  • Is there a sense of fear that you may lose your material possessions and achievements ?
  • Are you missing out on life, has it become very mundane and purposeless ?

If you answered “Yes” to most of the above questions then you are experiencing a blocked crown chakra. In this post I shall first explain “What is Crown Chakra” and then share with you 5 simple steps to unblock (open) the crown chakra.

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What is the Crown Chakra ?

Seven Chakras

As you can notice in the above image Crown Chakra is located at the top of the ‘chakra ladder’ which starts from the root chakra at the base. In Sanskrit, the crown chakra is termed as Sahasrara, this chakra is said to be in the form of a lotus with a thousand petals arranged in 20 layers. It is associated with violet or white color.

The energy of the crown chakra makes us realize that everyone and everything in nature is connected at a fundamental level. The root chakra which is at the bottom of the ‘chakra ladder’ grounds us on the earth and crown chakra connects us with the universe or the divine source of creation.

It is only when this chakra is balanced, we truly realize that everything is interconnected and that we are a part of the larger scheme in life. We begin to live life with gratitude, faith and trust, rather than filled with fear and anxiety.

5 Awesome Benefits – When Your Crown Chakra Is Balanced

  • You feel inspired, you will indulge in things that give you immense pleasure and unmitigated joy.
  • You become a person who has a magnetic personality and radiates peace.
  • You expand your self-awareness by replacing beliefs with knowledge.
  • You enjoy a healthy nervous system and a sharp mind.
  • You possess excellent cognitive skills.


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5 Powerful Steps – To Balance & Open Your Crown Chakra

Opening Crown Chakra

  1. Meditate Regularly: Your crown chakra will be deeply influenced by a regular mediation practice. This practice will help you connect to your higher power or the higher self. You can follow the below steps to start your meditation practice.
    • Sit in a comfortable position either on a chair or on a yoga mat. Make sure your spine is straight.
    • Close your eyes and take few deep breaths (at least 5 deep breaths) and completely relax. For a moment let go of your thoughts and outside world.
    • Focus your attention at the top of your head. Imagine a bright white light flowing in through your crown chakra. Feel this divine light flow through entire body. Feel a sense of peace as the white light covers your entire body.
    • You may choose to repeat following affirmations, so that you can feel the warmth of the white light. Choose the one which is more meaningful to you or create on similar lines
      • I am surrounded and protected by the divine light.
      • I feel myself becoming stronger as I tune to the divine light
    • Sit at least 10 – 15 minutes, repeating the affirmation and every time creating the feeling or the sensation of peace within you. Feel your connection with the higher power through this pure white light. You are ‘one’ with the source and are guided. Be thankful for this guidance and connection with your higher source.
    • Now imagine the world i.e. earth in your mind, see the light flowing through you and covering the entire earth. Feel the connection to all the beings, create the feeling of peace and release it to the whole world.
    • For last few minutes, just imagine that the light flowing through your crown chakra is radiating through your body and engulfing the mother earth. You are one and connected to everyone and everything in the nature.
    • Before you end your practice, give thanks that you are able to share the Divine Light. Take a few deep breaths, slowly open your eyes.
  2. Choose Self Love: Accept the way you are i.e. accept you flaws and love yourself. If you love yourself then people around you will love and accept you. Remember we are all connected and live in a world of energy. When you choose to love yourself each time, you are also letting go of the tensions present in your crown chakra.
  3. Seva: Reach out to help the less privileged not necessarily the poor or orphans. Start with people around you, if your co-worker is struggling to finish or meet his deadlines, give a helping hand to him or her. Always look for an opportunity to help others even in the smallest way, this will benefit your crown chakra as it strengthens your bond with the environment.
  4. Show your EGO the DOOR: Ego often results from insecurities, there is always a constant fear associated of you loosing your possessions or your so called achievements. Always remember your possessions and achievements are gifts, they are not yours anyways, so may as well enjoy your gifts and share it with others.
  5. Practice Visualization: During the day, whenever you get some free time or I suggest steal a moment from your busy schedule and imagine streams of white light originating from top of your head and connecting with the higher being. Feel that link or connection between you and higher self. Say this quietly in your mind “I am not alone in this world, there is a powerful force inside me and always guiding me towards well-being and peace”

Final Thoughts On Crown Chakra

A healthy crown chakra will make you love life and you will no longer fear death. Even when there is a lot of chaos going around you, you will feel peaceful. You will be more connected with others and you will be more secure and comfortable with where you are in life.

Strive to keep the crown chakra healthy and balanced so that you are able to receive divine or intuitive guidance, which in turns helps you lead a more fulfilling, meaningful life.

Feel free to share your comments and let me know if this post has been helpful to you.

To learn how to set up a daily meditation practice effortlessly, I highly recommend you check out >>> Master Your Mind Beginner’s Meditation Course

18 thoughts on “What is Crown Chakra ? 5 Simple Steps To Open Your Crown Chakra”

  1. Hi Satish,

    Interesting article. I was already identifying some of the things about me that seem to cloak my energy field these days and somehow interfering with the flow of the energy. This article is for me. I’ll start implementing some of the tips mentioned in the article. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Satish,

    Wow! This is a great self help article for me. I’ve never looked into chakras before but the questions you pose hit me dead centre and I couldn’t ignore what it might mean for me. I’m definitely going to give this a go and see if it helps resolve some the issues I currently find myself facing.

    • Hey Tasneem,

      I am glad the “Questions” in the post made you self reflect on your life. These are the same set of questions I often ask myself to gain clarity. I will not say Meditation has all the answers to all your questions however it will assist you in clearing your mind which in turn will lead you to your answers. I wish you all the best with your meditation practice ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  3. Hey Satish,

    Wow! great post! I’ve actually struggled with meditation ~ i can never seem to focus fully, but your tips actually made me feel calm and at peace, even while just reading them. I can imagine that while light energy permeating out, interesting stuff. The human body is crazy and so connected!

    And, I’m pretty happy – I now actually know the 7 chakras. I’m heard this term tossed around but never took the time to read it, so thanks for the insightful post!

    However, I actually feel pretty positive ~ would you suggest practicing the crown chakra even if you feel confident in your direction, self and direction?


    • Hi Jeff,

      I am glad you enjoyed the post. I understand that you struggle with your meditation practice. If you are just starting out, my suggestion is start with breathe meditation in which you just have to focus on your breath and sensations in the body. It’s easy and you find instant benefits, which will motivate you to stick with meditation.

      With regards to Chakras there are 7 main Chakras stretching from the base of the spine to the top of your head. To visualize a chakra in the body, imagine a swirling wheel like round structure. It is a good idea to balance and strengthen the chakras every day. One of the best ways you can achieve this balance is by following a daily meditation practice. You cannot see chakras with your naked eyes however they have an effect on our mental, spiritual and physical life.

      Strive to keep the Crown Chakra healthy and balanced so that you are able to receive divine or intuitive guidance, which in turns helps you lead a more fulfilling, meaningful life ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  4. Hi Satish,

    Wow this is interesting. I have practiced meditation before, and tried to work on my Third Eye chakra. This post gives me motivation to do it again. I think everyone could benefit greatly from practicing Crown Chakra.
    Thank you so much for this important post!

    • Hi Michael,

      Good to know that you are familiar with Chakras, you are quite right practicing a Crown Chakra meditation is beneficial to most of us.

      A healthy Crown Chakra will make you love life and you will no longer fear death. Even when there is a lot of chaos going around you, you will feel peaceful. You will be more connected with others and you will be more secure and comfortable with where you are in life. By the way just FYI I have post on Third Eye Chakra, you may want to check that out ~ Stay Blessed.

  5. Hi Satish,

    A great post. Thanks for the information. I used to meditate because of the martial arts and got out of it. I will get back into it now that I found your site. I will be looking into this site much more.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment and glad to know that you found this site helpful. Feel free to check other posts, keep me posted if you need any help. Wishing you the best with your meditation practice ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  6. Hi Satish,

    Even though I’m not really into the whole Chakra thing, this was quite a confronting article. I did indeed answer ‘yes’ on 4 out of 6 questions. I used to meditate around 10 years ago, but I stopped doing so. I think reopening that door might be the right call, even if it just relaxes me. Thanks for this great article! I’m sure there are a lot of like minded souls that are in the same boat.

    • Hey Kevin,

      Thank you for reading the post and I am glad you liked it. I appreciate your honesty and as you already aware and practiced meditation before it is just a matter of time before you start again…I am wondering though what made you stop practicing meditation ? My suggestion is exactly what you said, start meditation practice, follow the steps mentioned in the post. Do this for a month and notice the difference and most importantly this when you start commit and incorporate meditation as a part of your daily routine ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  7. Hi Satish,

    I liked reading about this it opens my mind to a whole new way of thinking. I have always believed in what you put out there will come back around to you and I think this goes right along with that so thank you for this post.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Good to know that you have a new perspective after reading the post. The law of Karma is always in action, all the best with your meditation practice ~ Stay Blessed.

  8. Hi Satish,
    Very interesting article! I have heard of Chakra (but never understood it) and practiced meditation before (but like Kevin in the comments, I did stop). I do think everything is connected and I know that I feel better when I meditate and exercise on a regular basis. Thanks for the explanation and motivation to get me started again.

  9. Oh, I did have a question, well, actually two questions…you said to practice meditation regularly…is consistently once a week better than a sporadic three times a week or just do it as often as I can?
    Also, morning or night or does it matter?
    Thanks again!

    • Hi Lisa,

      I have a question for you – Do you brush your teeth daily or sporadically or whenever you feel like? I hope you got the answer to your question 🙂 Preferably meditate in the morning or in the evening, whatever suits you but be consistent with your practice i.e. daily ~ Stay Blessed 🙂


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