How Limitless Life Meditation Program Ends Your Struggle With Meditation

Have you come across Giovanni’s Limitless Life Meditation program? If not, let me fill you in on this incredible opportunity that can revolutionize your daily life through meditation. In this post, I’m excited to break down what exactly this program has to offer, helping you establish a rock-solid foundation for your meditation journey.

When I started out with meditation I was “going nuts” (seriously). I confess it was a bit of a roller coaster. Staying consistent with my practice felt like trying to hold water in a leaky bucket – pretty tough. I bet you can relate. You know, you start strong, watch videos, read books, and swear you’ll meditate daily, but somehow, the momentum fizzles out, and you’re back to square one. Been there, done that, right?

Probably you have had similar experiences with meditation. If you are finding for a “universal solution” it isn’t as simple as slapping on a “glue stick” to your meditation habits. Instead, it is by following a step-by-step system that is taught in this program. But before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s meet the mastermind behind it all.

Meet Giovanni Dienstmann

Watch this 2-minute video and you will know him better.

How did you find the video? Unlike other meditation teachers, he is quite young – Isn’t it?

He is in his mid-30s and started meditating in his early teens when he was only 15 years old kid. He is now a renowned meditation coach, author, speaker, and above all a gentle, caring human being. Did you notice a sense of calm in his voice – The more you listen to this man you will be able to sense it.

As you must have heard him say in the above video he has got over 19 years of experience in the field of meditation. He has practiced meditation for about 10,000 hours in the past 2 decades i.e. around 1.5 hours every single day. He has taught over 7000+ students how to effortlessly build a meditation practice and practice it consistently through his courses and programs.

Giovanni teaches, what he preaches. He is definitely not someone who has practiced meditation for a few weeks or months and launched a meditation program. Over the course of the last two decades, he has read over 200 books on meditation and practiced 70 different meditation techniques. He definitely is the ‘go-to-person’ when it comes to learning about meditation.

Now that you know about Giovanni, let’s dive in and find out how this program will help you build a soild foundation for your meditation practice.

How Will This Program Make Meditation Easy For You

This is an “Action” oriented program that gives you a solid system that lays a strong foundation to build your meditation practice. This system is called a “Three Pillars Of Meditation”

Giovanni says, that meditation is not hard when you start practicing the three pillars of meditation. This system provides a practical approach towards meditation that helps you to take small steps daily to build your meditation practice. As you take these small steps, it provides momentum to your meditation practice, this momentum helps you to deepen the practice and eventually leads to positive results.

Three Pillars of Meditation

Limitless Life Program - Three Pillars of Meditation

Here are three pillars:

Pillar 1 – HABIT

Giovanni shares specific steps that help you incorporate meditation as your daily habit. This is a very critical pillar as most people give up at this stage. If you make meditation a mechanical process there are high chances you will quit it sooner or later. By taking small steps and by redefining your approach towards meditation, you are able to maintain the enthusiasm to practice meditation on a daily basis.

Pillar 2 – TECHNIQUE

Every person has a unique personality and so are his needs. Finding the best technique that suits your style plays a vital role in establishing a strong meditation practice. This is again a crucial pillar as most people experiment with various meditation techniques and often do not know what they are doing & why they are doing it. Having a thorough understanding of different styles of meditation and the right guidance helps you determine the meditation technique which suits you.


Giovanni used to call the third pillar “Application” wherein you apply the skills (that you learn as you practice meditation) in your life and bring about real “Transformation”. When I say skills – I am referring to focus, self-awareness, acceptance, letting go, loving-kindness, empathy, open-mindedness, oneness, and present moment awareness.

Just imagine, if you can cultivate these life skills in you how would your life be different? How would you react in a tense situation? How would you respond to failures and challenges in life? As a matter of fact, you will have stronger control over life and your mind. This is an amazing feeling and in a true sense real transformation as it happens on the inside.

There you go my friend, the secret to build a long-lasting meditation practice. Want to know more about the Three Pillars of Meditation, then you can see Giovanni explaining to his students about Three Pillars of Meditation.

If you want meditation to work, you must focus on building a strong foundation with these three pillars of meditation. If you find meditation challenging or are unable to practice it consistently then what you are missing is this ‘foundation’. If you are serious and committed to building a solid meditation practice then harness this system to make one.

What Will You Get In Limitless Life Program

Limitless Life Program is not just limited to learning meditation instead it is a platform of ongoing learning, development, and growth. As a member of the limitless life program, you get access to all the online courses, programs in the space of meditation, conscious living, and mindfulness.

Apart from the programs, you have a private community of like-minded people who are a part of this platform learning meditation and making their life better. There is a constant support, guidance from Giovanni, private coaching calls, email support to assist and enhance your meditation practice.

This platform according to me is like some sort of ‘Meditation Institution’ which teaches you how to make your meditation more effective, enjoyable and bring real change that helps you to take your life to the next level.

As you become a Member of this program, you get instant access to all these courses:

1. Meditation (For Beginners)

Course Highlights

  • 5-Week course comprising 35 daily lessons with easy to follow instructions.
  • Effortlessly build a daily meditation practice using the three pillars of meditation.
  • Start with 3-minute meditation practice, so that it easily becomes a part of your routine.
  • Discover five styles of meditation and learn how to integrate mindfulness into your daily life.

2. Meditation (Intermediate)

Course Highlights

  • 40-day online course organized in 10 modules.
  • Learn new 10 advanced methods of meditation.
  • Find the best meditation technique to deepen your practice.
  • Develop & strengthen 10 qualities that help you grow as an individual.

3. Letting Go, Letting Be

Course Highlights

  • 3-Week online course on how to accept the past, forgive, and move on in life.
  • How to take control back of your life and stop the blame game.
  • How to start again, bring clarity into your life & live purposefully.
  • How to deal with dark emotions, repetitive thoughts & learn the skill of letting go.

4. Anxiety Management

Course Highlights

  • This mini-course teaches you 3 powerful techniques to overcome anxiety.
  • You will learn how to overcome fear, reduce stress & manage stress.
  • Learn specific breathing techniques to relax and calm your mind instantly.

5. Stress Management

Course Highlights

  • 4-Week professional training program on conscious stress management.
  • Learn stress management strategies to switch from automatic to conscious living.
  • Learn the Pranayama breathing technique to detox your mind & body.
  • Learn to create, design, and live a mindful life.

6. Overcoming Fear of Failure

Course Highlights

  • The 12-Week course spread over 40 lessons covering all principles, practices, and techniques to overcome all types of fear.
  • How to change your inner dialogue and erase the mental blockages caused due to limiting beliefs
  • How to develop a fearless mindset using meditation techniques.
  • How to face your worst fears & living life with a purpose.

7. Deeper Sleep In 21 Days

Course Highlights

  • 21-days meditation-based sleep course that helps you enjoy deep sleep regularly.
  • This program contains guided meditations to put your mind to sleep.
  • You will learn breathing techniques to calm your agitated mind.
  • How to wake up feeling refreshed & great every day.

8. Guided Meditation Library

  • Have access to the rare and finest collection of 50 plus guided meditation audios
  • You can download these audios on your mobile and listen to them anywhere.
  • Also, access to an exclusive Mediation App to enhance a meditation practice.

9. Weekly Growth Challenges

  • Weekly challenges to develop virtues and qualities for your personal growth.
  • Weekly tasks to expand your limits & live life with courage.
  • Ongoing practices to find meaning in your work and life.

Wondering? How Much Does All This Cost

Can you guess what will be the price of all these courses put together?

Is it 3,000 USD – Nah!

Is it 2,000 USD – Nope

The total value of all these courses put together (as I write this post) stands at 1,400 USD. However, here is the best part, Giovanni has something special for you. You get access to all these courses for just $1 for a 14-day trial. Yep, you heard me right. And if you’re hooked (which I bet you will be), it’s just $29 a month after the trial period.

You want to explore all the stuff, get to know the community, find out more about these courses and Giovanni himself, then go ahead check out the entire platform for the next 14 days for only $1

Final Thoughts

I have personally not come across any platform that provides such phenomenal self-transformation programs at this price. I am sure by now you know the tremendous value this program can bring to your life.

Most meditation programs, courses I have come across provide guided meditation tracks – That’s it. No program I have come across till now provides guidance on developing the core foundation that is required to build a consistent meditation practice.

Giovanni has almost 20 years of experience behind him – He himself has a solid meditation practice & has been practicing for almost two decades. He has taught 1000s of students and has been learning & researching about meditation. Now he has put all the learning and sharing it with you through these online courses in a very clear, structured manner so that you can learn & master your meditation practice.

If you are truly committed and ready to make meditation a joyful, consistent part of your life then you may want to consider this program. If you’re in, head over and explore the Limitless Life Program. Thank you for reading the post. Oh, and if you’ve got questions, drop them in the comments – I’m here to help. Cheers to your exciting journey ahead!

Please note I receive compensation if you click on any links mentioned in this post to purchase a product or service from the third party website. Also, purchasing a product or service from the above links does not increase your purchase price, however, it is a great way to thank me if you enjoy my content and find my suggestions useful. I only recommend products and services that I have personally used or thoroughly researched.

14 thoughts on “How Limitless Life Meditation Program Ends Your Struggle With Meditation”

  1. Hi Satish,

    Thanks for sharing this. As a lifelong meditator myself (exactly 47 years next week, and two hours every day) I can confirm the foundations and principles that Giovanni promotes. It is necessary to establish meditation as a habit. There will inevitably come times when after a few weeks or months it is challenging to maintain the habit. That is the time when a community of meditators and the presence of a meditation coach, guide, or mentor can make the difference whether the habit slips away or is consolidated and becomes regular.

    As regards technique I learned a technique from a teacher who had been trained personally by a master from India and I have not tried any other technique since then. Meditation means many things to many people, which in itself is an interesting phenomenon how common perceptions and words shift in usage over time. Thanks again for sharing this. Best regards, Andy

    • Hi Andy,

      Thank you for sharing your insights and experience as meditator. It is truly remarkable to see the consistency you have maintained towards your meditation practice ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  2. Hi Satish,

    Thanks for your valuable information on meditation and the practice. Giovanni is a young guy whose an amazing person to guide students. According to your review, these final results, is the only the most way of mind relaxations?

    Pillar 1 – HABIT, Pillar 3 – TECHNIQUE, and Pillar 3 – TRANSFORMATION. Are those three pillars mental development levels or something like that?

    Anyway, amazing information on meditation. I also like to meditate. I will keep this post bookmarked for my future reference.

    • Hi Samantha,

      The Three Pillars are the foundation for your meditation practice. In this program Giovanni provides you a solid system which will help you develop your meditation practice. I am glad you found this information useful ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  3. Hi Satish,

    This is a really useful post. I’ve been trying to incorporate meditation into my daily routine even if only for a minutes but as you’ve pointed out, its been a little bit of a struggle to get my head into the right frame of mind. I hadn’t heard of this program previously but it seems like some genuine value. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Jason,

      I am happy to know you found this post useful. Majority of us do not have a system when it comes forming meditation practice, hence it remains a challenge for most people. Giovanni lays down the foundation of making meditation a daily habit in this program, that would help you to effortlessly build a consistent meditation practice. I wish you all the very best with this program ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  4. Hi Satish,

    I’ve always been aware of the power of meditation and mindfulness, but never stuck with it consistently. I attended a fantastic meditation workshop in London a few years ago, but after a few weeks of practice at home, I started to lose enthusiasm. The Limitless Life Meditation program sounds amazing, and for just $1 for 14 days it gives plenty of time to try it and make your mind up. I also like the idea of getting access to 50 guided meditations as being guided through it makes meditation so much easier. For me personally, the anxiety management course would be of great benefit, so I may just give the $1 trial a go!

    • Hi Kathy,

      Loosing enthusiasm for meditation happens because of two things – 1) You make meditation a mechanical process 2) You are confused with meditation techniques. I personally feel having the right support and guidance on developing a meditation practice make a huge difference when it comes to setting a daily meditation practice.

      If you are keen, I would strongly recommend you go through the 14 days trial and see for yourself these courses ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  5. Hi Satish,

    I love meditation and the benefits of it are truly amazing, but I had to be honest, it is hard to do it regularly. As we know, consistency is the key. A programme like this can really help us. It is the perfect platform to help us to form a habit of practicing Meditation regularly. I haven’t seen a completely range of training and meditation like this before. Worth to try. Thank you to introduce us to this programme.

    • Hi TGP,

      Indeed this is an ideal platform if you looking to form a habit to practice meditation. You also have access to other courses through which you can deepen your meditation practices and transform you life in all aspects ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  6. Hi Satish,

    Well I think I just found the answers to all my questions.

    In fact, my girlfriend made me start meditation a few weeks ago. But she has been doing it for months now…
    The problem is I’m not really able to practice it regularly. Even my girlfriend is becoming lazy because of me LOL. Seriously it’s not that easy to wake up early in the morning and meditate. Most people think the best time to do it is during the sun rise. Is that true? I would really love to start it the proper way and with the basics.

    Anyway, I heard about this Limitless life meditation program through an Instagram ad, so I decide to do some research first. And the program really looks great reading your review. Plus, only $1 to join and get access to everything for 14 days! I mean what’s the catch? That’s awesome. I always like to try stuffs before spending my money. So, I consider $1 like nothing lol.

    And by the way, instead of paying $29 per month, is there a yearly option? Let’s say a fixed price to pay per year with hopefully a discount?

    • Hi Warren,

      There is no catch with $1 – Giovanni wants you to try this platform and have access to the courses for 14 days. Check it out and assess for yourself the courses and overall platform. I don’t think you would regret 🙂

      Finding time to meditate daily is important whether you do it early morning or in the evening does not matter so much.

      Currently, there is no yearly option, as I write this post but in the future you may have one ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  7. Hi Satish,

    Thank you for this information. I have often thought if meditation could enhance my already spiritual connection with God. Many of the steps of progression in utilizing meditation mentioned above is very similar to what I have experienced with my daily prayer. It has been said that meditation is a form of prayer, even the Bible advocates meditation as is mentioned multiple times in the book of Psalms.

    “My mouth shall speak wisdom; the meditation of my heart shall be understanding.” – Psalms 49:3. Everyday when I pray I am in a quite place all by myself. Most times I block out any surrounding sounds and focus on my thoughts and the spoken words that come out of my mouth. Though this has greatly helped me to understand God’s word, I am wondering if this meditation course can benefit me more.

    There is definitely a connection between prayer and meditation. I am more at peace with myself and those around me, while gaining a better understanding of what the future will be like according to God’s word. This has melted away any fears but I want to go deeper into the quiet space where God operates and I feel Giovanni can help me with that. One dollar for 14 days & $29/month afterward is a GREAT deal!

    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. You are right when you meditate on God’s word, read Bible verses you do attain a sense of peace within you. As you do this regularly, you tend to reflect on God’s word and then start to put it to practice in your daily life. I personally feel both prayer and meditation are both powerful in bringing about radical positive changes in our life. Thanks for sharing your inputs ~ Stay Blessed 🙂


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