How To Stay Grounded In Troubled Times – Review

In this post, I shall review Karla Mclaren’s new online course “How To Stay Grounded In Troubled Times”

What do you do when you are upset or get angry or feel sad or are hurt or feel anxious and frustrated? Watch a movie or listen to music or go out with friends and chill out – Basically find a way to escape or avoid these negative emotions.

“Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Feelings” – You must have come across this advice?

Do you know the problem with this popular advice?

Today most people when it comes to dealing with negative emotions are forcing themselves to change their negative thoughts and divert their attention to something positive or practice affirmations so that they start feeling better – Does this sound familiar to you…tried doing this before?

The problem with this approach is that you have repressed your negative emotions, you haven’t dealt with them, they still reside within you and resurface again when you go through stress and tense moments.

You need a more solid approach to deal with negative emotions, you need to learn how to engage with the dark emotions so that you can understand what they are trying to communicate to you. There is a lot of hidden “wisdom” in negative emotions.

When you learn to embrace negative emotions you befriend them, you understand them, you find out the true purpose behind them – This approach leads to personal transformation.

I will share more details about this unique approach but before I do this, let me introduce you to the person who created this course for you.

Meet The Teacher

Karla McLaren, M. Ed is a social science researcher, award-winning author, and an expert in emotional resilience. She is known for the empathic approaches to deal with negative emotions and has taught several individuals to find ‘wisdom; in their negative emotions.

Karla’s work is a true reflection of her life as she herself had a troubled childhood. She was sexually abused at the age of three. She often had emotional breakdowns as a child and her life was a complete mess as a teenager. She even thought about ending her life at one point in time.

Check the below video from Karla as she talks about her journey and how she dealt with dark negative emotions. Instead of running away from them, she found hidden wisdom in her negative emotions and channelized it for her personal growth and transformation.

Got a glimpse of your teacher? She truly is a living testimony of self-transformation who found meaning and purpose behind her negative emotions and used it to her advantage.

Karla lives with her family in Sonoma County, California. Her books include Embracing Anxiety, The Dynamic Emotional Integration Workbook, The Art of Empathy, and The Language of Emotions.

Now that you have met your teacher, let me give you an overview of the entire course.

What Would You Learn In This Program

This program is divided into five sessions that help you develop your emotional resilience, understand your emotions better so that you able to receive guidance from your anxiety, panic, rage, and apathy.

Session 1 – Purpose of Our Emotions

How To Stay Grounded In Troubled Times - Session 1

In this session, Karla provides an overview of emotions, different levels of emotions, and how you can find a specific message that every emotion provides us. She states all emotions are a part of an intelligence system that is important for the survival of a human being and it is incorrect to categorize emotions as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Key Highlights:

  • How many types of emotions exist? Learn about the four emotion families?
  • How to set boundaries for emotions so that you can identify the message behind every emotion?
  • Incorporate the “Grounding Exercise” and use emotions to center yourself and focused on the present.

Session 2 – Understanding & Dealing With Anxiety Emotion

How To Stay Grounded In Troubled Times - Session 2

Anxiety belongs to the ‘Fear’ family and Karla says a lot of people do not like anxiety as it is quite annoying and overwhelming. However, once you understand the gifts and messages that the anxiety emotion provides then you can channelize this energy to become more foresighted and task-oriented.

Key Highlights:

  • Understanding the ‘trigger points’ that make you anxious?
  • Understanding the activities that you are doing to avoid anxiety
  • How you can use anxiety to set up “alert systems” to get things done.
  • How making friends with your anxiety actually helps you increase your productivity.

Session 3 – Dealing With Panic

How To Stay Grounded In Troubled Times - Session 3

In this session, Karla says how panic is an incredibly important emotion for our survival. She talks about three common responses to panic i.e. Fight, Flee & Freeze. Learning how to manage the ‘intense energy’ of panic in our body is vital else it can lead to panic attacks, PTSD, and can be quite damaging for an individual.

Key Highlights:

  • The real purpose of “panic” emotion is to protect you and not to scare you to death.
  • Improve your relationship with panic & understand it is playing the role of a savior.
  • Exercises to release ‘excess energy’ created in your body due to panic attacks.

Session 4 – Decode Anger & Rage Emotions

How To Stay Grounded In Troubled Times - Session 4

Karla says the majority of individuals don’t know how to work with their anger and it is one of the most hated emotions. She explains in this session anger helps in setting boundaries for us and others.

She explains that “repressing” your anger will give people an opportunity to walk over you and being overly “expressive” about your anger can destroy your relationship with people.

Knowing the gifts of anger will help you “protect” yourselves and “restore” your relationships. It helps you to distinguish and provides clarity with your needs, your emotions, and that of others

Key Highlights:

  • How do you set effective interpersonal boundaries for other people with anger?
  • How to channelize the “energy of anger” to restore your relationships.
  • How working with your anger makes you “open & “authentic”
  • Learn about the “Healthy Anger” that sets you free.

Session 5 – Dealing With Apathy & Boredom

How To Stay Grounded In Troubled Times - Session 5

Karla calls Apathy – The “mask of anger” worn by individuals when they cannot express their anger openly. Apathy is not exactly an emotion per se but an “I don’t care” attitude that protects you. If you are not able to address apathy & boredom in the right manner then one can easily slip into depression.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn “Conscious Complaining” an excellent practice for apathy.
  • How apathy can help you unearth your deepest desire.

As you can notice from the above sessions with Karla as your guide, you’ll learn groundbreaking techniques to determine what your emotions are trying to tell you, and develop effective ways to manage life’s inevitable ups and downs.

How Much Does This Course Cost?

As I write this post this course is available at a one-time price of $79. I personally feel it is a great investment to learn the skills to develop your emotional resilience from Karla who has helped many students and is known for her empathic approaches towards managing negative emotions.

If by any chance you are not happy with the course or this course fails to meet your expectation (for any reason) then simply return it within 1 year and claim a full refund. With a 100% 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee, there are practically zero risks and can give this course a try.

Final Thoughts

Karla is often referred to as an emotional genius who has mastered the art of deciphering emotions. She is the perfect guide who can guide you through the complexities of emotions and make you see the deeper purpose and messages behind them.

If you are having a tough time with your emotions and are seeking help then enroll today and learn to listen to the dark/negative emotions instead of trying to silence them and discover incredible gifts that would eventually transform your life.

Please note I receive compensation if you click on any links mentioned in this post to purchase a product or service from the third party website. Also, purchasing a product or service from the above links does not increase your purchase price, however, it is a great way to thank me if you enjoy my content and find my suggestions useful. I only recommend products and services that I have personally used or thoroughly researched.

14 thoughts on “How To Stay Grounded In Troubled Times – Review”

  1. Hi Satish,

    This is such a great article and the timing that this came to me couldn’t have been more appropriate. I always look for my negative emotions as a trigger to think happy thoughts but I like how you address this Instead of ignoring them I like how you identify and tackle the emotions. I’m going to adopt this into my life. I can already tell this will be a life and huge emotional change in my life. Thank you for presenting such amazing advice! God Bless!

    • Hi Jamie,

      Yes majority of us use “negative thoughts” as a trigger to distract our minds to something positive so that we start feeling better. However, we fail to understand that by following this approach we repress all the negative emotions. Karla says, you need to engage with these emotions as they are here to help us, every emotion has a message for us, it is our job to understand these hidden messages and then start working towards it. This is solid approach to deal with dark / negative emotions ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  2. Hi Satish,

    We have to learn a lot when it comes to emotions and we find ourselves always fighting with the negative side. Only in the last few years have I learned about meditation and for me has helped tremendously and I find myself a lot more chilled out. A lot of people can’t handle the massive swings in emotions and I’m sure this type, of course, would be ideal for them. Thank you for sharing

    • Hi Mick,

      You are right not many people know how to handle emotions the right way. Most people either fight with their emotions or ignore them. By doing this majority of us are stuffing the dark / negative emotions within us. This creates blockages in the free flow of “life energy” (prana) within us and adds to more stress & anxiety. I am happy to know that meditation is helping you to stay calm ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  3. Hi Satish,

    It all sounds like a great program to learn how to deal with negative thoughts and situations more directly. I have to admit that I tend to just try to think positive and I just figure negative situations are a part of life, I don’t dwell in the negative. It seems like it will teach you a different way (more positive) to think about what is happening to you.. Sounds like good information to learn about being more positive!

    • Hi Yvette,

      No one teaches us to deal with negative emotions because it is quite overwhelming and annoying. The common advice is to distract your mind to something positive so that we start to feel better. This actually does not serve its purpose. Karla (the author of this program) teaches us to welcome and engage with these negative emotions. She has done this herself and has helped 1000s of students with this approach ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  4. Hi Satish,

    Thanks for this great review about staying grounded in troubled times! Karla seems to have it all figured out. I’m glad that she could overcome her tragic experience as at such a young age and help others get through their hard times. I really think this program could be of great help to many people facing different life situations. The program is broken down into logical sections that cover some of the most common hurdles people face everyday.

    I suffer from anxiety. I had a lot of bad experiences growing up, from sexual abuse, to mental & physical abuse from different people. I didn’t think I would ever get through it, but now at age 49 I have to say, I’ve overcome it! Sometimes I do feel like the anxiety because of my past, but I’ve learned how to deal with it in my own way.

    Going through Karla’s program may help me diminish my anxiety attacks altogether. Is it all digital or would I get a hard copy? I like to read from a book rather than on a screen. Thanks again and I look forward to reading more of your reviews 🙂

    • Hi Devara,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Each one us have our share of emotional baggage which we carry with us. Karla is a true testimony for her work as she had a troubled childhood and at one point she even considered committing a suicide. The way she found answers to these emotions and transformed her life is truly amazing! This program is online, however if you are interested to read her book, here they are:

      1) The Language of Emotions
      2) The Art of Empathy
      3) Practices For Embracing Anxiety

      Hope this helps ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  5. Hi Satish,

    This honestly seems like an amazing course and the price is not bad at all! I actually have Embracing Anxiety saved in my Amazon “save for later” list!

    Defining and embracing all of my emotions is something I have been working on over the past 1 to 2 years. My anger and anxieties stem from shame triggers from my childhood and it wasn’t until 2019 that I even knew I had shame triggers. I only knew that there were moments where I felt less than but I couldn’t quite define it.

    This course could really help someone in their emotional journey.

    • Hi Haley,

      Thanks for sharing your experience, I am glad you have started working on yourself, this inner work is so important for each one of us to deal with our emotions ~ Stay Blessed 🙂


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