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How Meditation Helps In Depression ? Say Goodbye To Pills!

Sorry…can i ask you a direct question ? Are you depressed ? Most people feel ashamed in admitting that there is something wrong with them…isn’t it ? If you have been going through a challenging time, there are chances that you will be sad or perhaps feeling lonely at times. Let me tell you it’s perfectly fine to be sad.

Also, there is nothing wrong in admitting it to yourself (if not, to your dear ones) that “i am feeling low or a bogged down and things are not going well for me at this moment”.

As i am writing this, let me tell you, i am personally going through a challenging time in my life, i am not able to get things under control, still figuring out what to do, how to do ? Life is hard and at times it can be merciless. Amidst all this, there are two things which are providing me the strength to cope with difficult situations and not breakdown – It is support from my family and my meditation practice.

So how meditation helps in depression…but wait. First let’s check are you in depression ?

What are the signs of depression ?

Signs of depression

  • If you look back at your day, did you feel sad and low most part of the day ? Now reflect a week back and check how you felt the whole week ? Did you find yourself irritable or getting snapped at small incidents ?
  • Now look back at few months and check how have you been feeling for last 3 or 6 months – If you have been feeling sad or low on energy on continuous basis then we have a problem at hand.
  • Again look back few days, weeks and few months – Have you been feeling worthless, disinterested or feeling empty from inside ?
  • Do you notice a feeling or desire to maintain distance from friends and family.
  • Worst among all – Do you feel like ending your life ? Are you having thoughts about killing or hurting yourself ?

If you have been mentioning “Yes” for all above questions then probably you are in depression.


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Role of meditation in dealing with depression ?

Role of meditation

A regular practice of meditation will help us deal with stress and anxiety. It is very interesting to understand how this works ? It has been proven by science that a regular practice of meditation, leads to changes in the brain regions which is specifically linked to depression.

Science has shown that medial prefrontal cortex (mPFc) portion of the brain is extremely active in depressed people. What is mPFC ? It is often referred as “me center”. It’s that portion of the brain wherein we have thoughts about ourselves i.e. either we worry about our future or ponder over past. So when we get tensed or anxious this portion of the brain becomes hyperactive.

This “me center” is connected to another region of the brain which is called as the amygdala, this is often referred as “fear center”. This is that portion of the brain which releases stress related hormones’ cortisol, when we are fearful or anxious or worried.

Now these two regions (me center & fear center) of the brain work in tandem to cause depression. When you worry excessively the “me center” goes on an overdrive and this leads the “fear center” to release in the body high levels of cortisol.

Now think about this….when you constantly keep worrying and remain stressed the whole day. There is constant connection between these two regions of the brain. In fact the connection becomes so strong over a period that at times we lose control on self and commit a heinous act.

Now the only way to weaken the connection between these two regions of the brain is through Meditation. When you follow a regular practice of meditation, you become more present, you do not worry about your future nor brood over your past. Due to which the “me center” remains calm and this results in less or insignificant release of cortisol in our brains. All these finally leads to less stress, less anxiousness, more present and peaceful.

(When i first came to know about this fact, it motivated me to follow a regular practice of meditation – I hope it does for you as well. I literally felt, Wow! i have a proven tool which i can use every day to make my mind calm )

Meditation Curing Depression – 4 Simple Steps

Meditation for depression

  1. Sit upright on a chair. Make sure back is straight, palms facing downwards resting on thighs and feet flat on floor. Make sure you don’t move your body much, keep your body still as far as possible.
  2. Close your eyes. Count your breath. As you inhale, feel the air going in and as you exhale, feel the air going out. Every exhale count 1, then 2 so on and so forth till count of 5. Then again repeat the cycle.
  3. Thoughts are bound to come, see these thoughts (as if they are) attached to a cloud in the sky and let it pass by, do not get upset or indulge in your thoughts. Just focus on your breathing.
  4. Repeat this every day, preferably 10 mins in the morning & evening on empty stomach.

Can we say goodbye to Pills ?


One of the common ways people deal with depression is by consuming anti-depressant pills. Before you do this though, consult a doctor / therapist. Apart from this you can even try following methods to overcome or deal with depression

  1. Music – Listen to some upbeat, instrumental soft soothing music (not hard rock please).
  2. Sleep – Sleep at least for 7 hours a day if not 8 hours. Lack of sleep makes you tired and more prone to negative thoughts.
  3. Exercise – When we exercise, our body automatically releases anti-depressants chemicals in the brain and make you get in action. Start with a simple walk or even climbing stairs is a good option. (If you have knee problem, please consult your physician before you start climbing stairs)
  4. Eat healthy – Avoid fast foods and processed foods, instead shift to fruits, vegetables and drink plenty of water.
  5. Read for 10 mins – I have started doing this recently, ready every morning for 10 mins a paragraph or few pages of a self-help book. This just sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Hope this benefits, feel free to share your comments.

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  1. David Anichukwu

    Thanks for sharing and many Cheers.

  2. Ashley

    I love this article!! I bookmarked your blog. So true about meditation being effective in relieving depression. My issue has always been sticking with it. This motivated me to get back on a regular morning meditation schedule. Thanks so much for the great read!

    1. Satish

      Hi Ashley,

      Start small, sit for 2-3 minutes daily, this will help you form a daily ritual. Gradually increase your time…give it some time and be patient, I am sure you will be able to form a habit. Thanks for bookmarking my site. Stay Blessed 🙂

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