Do You Know If You Are Meditating Correctly? 10 Mistakes To Avoid

Today I shall make some predictions about you. I hope you won’t mind especially if it turns out to be true! So let’s begin;

Have you heard about meditation ?

  • My Prediction: Yes (that’s easy one…right)

Do you know the benefits of meditation ?

  • My Prediction: Yes

Have you practiced meditation ?

  • My Prediction: Yes

Have you been successful in making meditation a daily habit ?

  • My Prediction: No

Is meditation become boring ?

  • My Prediction: Yes

Are my predictions true (especially the last two questions). If “Yes” then I find you in the same situation as I was a few months back. I knew meditation is beneficial however I just could not stick with it for a long time. I did for few weeks then stopped, then again started, however I struggled to have a consistent meditation practice. Sounds familiar ?

I used to wonder how can people sit for hours and here I am struggling to sit for few minutes on a daily basis. I knew there was something wrong ? If you are experiencing something similar and are finding it difficult to maintain or follow a consistent meditation practice on a daily basis then perhaps you are committing the same mistakes as I did. Check them out closely.


1. What motivates you to meditate – The Why ?

Why Meditate

One of the main reasons why you are still struggling with your meditation practice is because you are still not sure as to why you are meditating. You simply don’t have a strong reason which motivates you for meditation.

If I told you, I will give you $100 every day if you meditate for the next 30 days ? I am sure now you will find 5 minutes from the craziest of your schedules and meditate… Right ?

By the way, I am not giving you any money 🙂 My point is you must be clear on why you want to meditate. Take out a writing pad and write some reasons on why you want to meditate on a daily basis ?

  • Do you want improve your concentration or focus ?
  • Do you want to feel more relaxed ?
  • Do you want to reduce stress & anxiety ?
  • Do you want to re-programme your mind for more success ?

List down 4 – 5 strong reasons and keep this note handy because the next time you feel bored to meditate or find excuses for not doing meditation, then you better read this note aloud and this must pep you up to take out 5 minutes for your meditation practice.


2. Do you have a Meditation Routine ?

This is very important if you are beginner, if you ask any seasoned meditation practitioner ‘when do you meditate’, I can bet you most of them would say they have a fixed routine. They have a fixed time and place for meditation.

Majority of us are failing in our meditation practices, because we are trying to squeeze in meditation at any given time during the day. Sometimes in the morning on the couch for 5 minutes, then perhaps, some days on the bed before going to sleep for 2 minutes. Such erratic routines will not help in long run. I have done this mistake, I know how it can hamper your meditation practice.

You must have a fixed place and time for meditation, whether it is morning or evening or both. As far as possible stick to this routine and trust me this simple change of meditating at a specific time and place will yield great results in long run.


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3. Do you have a Pre-Meditation Exercise ?

Pre-Meditation Exercise

This again is a very important step which most beginners skip. Majority of them jump into their meditation practice straight away. It is important to prepare your mind before you sit for meditation, you must relax your complete body by taking at least 3 – 5 long breaths i.e.inhale through nose and exhale from mouth. Say the word “Relax” in your mind as you exhale.

As your mind and body is relaxed then affirm your mind with an intention. Here intention means a statement or a command you give your mind. You can simply say “For the next 10 minutes I will meditate” or “For the next 5 minutes I will focus in the present”.

Pre-meditation exercise looks quite inane but it is quite powerful so do not skip this step. I know this because I never had one when I started practicing meditation.


4. Are you expecting a miracle in few weeks or months ?

Meditation is not some rat race which you have to win. Meditation is neither some destination which you have to reach. It is practice you incorporate in your daily life to train your mind for a better life in all aspects.

If you are expecting to experience deep meditation sessions like the monks in the Himalayas, I want to caution you, it is going the wrong way. Instead, let go of all your expectations and start enjoying the practice.

I personally look at it as a practice or a daily ritual which is important for me. Like having a shower or having food daily.


5. Are you mixing different methods of meditation ?

This is another mistake I did as a beginner, I read about breathe meditation, chakra meditation, mantra meditation, guided meditation just about everything and started practicing alternatively each of them. I thought I will get better results (I was expecting a miracle) however it didn’t work.

I am not saying you don’t experiment with different techniques. My point is after a while you need to choose a particular technique and then stick with it.


6. Don’t keep doubting “Am I doing it correct”

Am i doing it right

I still have this problem though I must say I don’t worry a lot these days. As human beings, we always aim for perfection or always tend to look for ways in which we can better our experience.

My point is don’t over analyze your meditation practice. There will be days, after your meditation practice, you felt very good and on some days you may feel no difference. The days you feel average or feel no change does not mean that you wasted time and your meditation was incorrect in some sense. Worrying mind often will often demotivate you and create roadblocks for your meditation practice.

Let me put it in very straight words, in your meditation practice, your focus should be on training your mind to bring it back to the present moment when it wanders. This is your only objective, rest everything will fall in its place. Give it time and sit through your practice.


7. You give up soon

This is what happens, when you expect a miracle after weeks or if you keep doubting your practice – You give up. It happened to me as well I used to be very inconsistent with my practice.

When you quit, you are in some sense training your mind to quit every single time you get bored or distracted or if something is difficult.

My suggestion to you is always start small I.e. don’t sit for 10 minute meditation practice if you are beginner, start with 3 minutes. Set an alarm for 3 minutes. Start your session and most importantly no matter how hard the session, sit through it. Eventually you will train your mind for better focus.

After every 2 weeks you can increase your meditation time by 2 minutes and once you reach 10 minutes then stick with the same.


8. Don’t try to engage in your thoughts – Become an observer

Meditation is a practice of ‘observing’ your thoughts and not ‘engaging’ in them. Often as a beginner, your mind may drift to past of future thoughts and you may get lost.

This has happened to me many times and it is quite frustrating. At such times I was unknowingly suppressing the negative thoughts or feelings by concentrating on my breath. It’s later that I realized it was my mistake, the goal of meditation is to observe / notice these negative feelings and not to engage in them or get frustrated.

Our mind will not stop thinking, it will produce thoughts and when such strong feelings emerge, first notice them, acknowledge it and then bring your focus back to breathing. As you notice these feelings and thoughts for a while, you will observe that after a point these strong feelings and thoughts become powerless and get dissolved.

This continuous training of bringing your mind to the present and not engaging in thoughts, will make you aware that the ‘real you’ is the one who is observing and you are not the thoughts by itself.


9. Posture

Meditative Posture

Don’t get too obsessed with your meditative posture. You can sit, stand or lie down to meditate. You don’t have to be sitting cross-legged on the floor in the lotus position if it is discomforting. You can be sitting on a chair, with your feet flat on the floor and arms facing down resting on your thighs.

It is important to understand that when you sit with your back straight it provides a clear passage for your breath and energy to flow.


10. Can you meditate the whole day ?

Your meditation practice does not end after 5 or 10 minutes. Don’t look at meditation as an item to tick off from your to do list. By practicing mindfulness you can extend the practice of meditation the whole day. This is all the more important because you are surrounded by people (of which some may be negative), challenging situations, social media etc all the time.

The biggest challenge you may face in coming years is ‘lack of focus’ and one of the best way I know you can deal with this is by sticking to a daily meditation practice.


Final thoughts…

I was never consistent in my meditation practice, it is not until few months back I would say, I now have a regular meditation practice. The point which I want to make is, I have committed mistakes, got frustrated, however was not willing to give up.

I know for sure, if you have read so far, you are very much like me who is finding ways to improve their practice. You know deep within, just like me, that meditation works, so don’t give up on your meditation practice, instead work on your mistakes, be patient and make meditation a daily habit.

Always remember meditation is a lifetime practice, it is continuous training that you must give your mind. It is your responsibility and I know you can do it.

Feel free to share your comments and let me know what is your ‘biggest problem’ when it comes to meditation. I will be more than happy to assist you.

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10 thoughts on “Do You Know If You Are Meditating Correctly? 10 Mistakes To Avoid”

  1. Great article! I’m a big fan of meditation for years.
    Looking forward for more articles on your website. Keep up the good work!

  2. I feel you are correct in stating that meditation is your responsibility. You point out that you should observe thoughts that creep into your mind during meditation, acknowledge them,then go back to concentrating on your breathing. This is so much easier than trying not to think. My mind wanders.
    This is a very beautiful blog post.

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Yes our minds nature is to think, so why resist with our mind, it will always think and produce thoughts. Our objective or focus should be to train our minds to be in the present moment. Why ? Because the thoughts in our mind will take either us to the past and make us feel bad or upset or will take us to future and make us feel anxious.

      So concentrate on your breathing and train your mind to bring it back to the present moment when it wanders. This is your only objective, rest everything will fall in its place. Give it time and sit through your practice. Stay Blessed 🙂

  3. You got my response correct to all of those questions. It’s refreshing to know that my mistakes are common and that there is an easy way to tackle it. I would equate wanting to be a meditation expert within 2 months akin to wanting to be a professional athlete in 2 months – not possible!! It takes time, slow progression, focus and dedication over the long term. Thank you for this reminder… i may re-attempt my meditative practices…

    • Hi Mark,

      Yes it takes a bit of patience and time. Always remember meditation is a lifetime practice, it is continuous training that you must give your mind. It is your responsibility. Stay Blessed 🙂

  4. Hi Satish,

    Great post today. Meditation is a part of my lifestyle and I would be lost without it. The tips you give here are excellent and so on point. I know when I started I tried many different types and got quite confused but then one day I found a way of meditating that really felt right and so I continued with that way.

    So many people give up too soon. They expect instant results because we live in an instant world where we need everything yesterday. Thanks for being a bright light in the world. I will share this as I think it is need to be read by many.



    • Hey Kevin,

      I agree with you standpoint, majority of us are looking for instant results. With meditation, you need to give it time and above all it is a lifetime practice, it is continuous training that you must give your mind. I am glad to know that meditation is part of your lifestyle. Many thanks for sharing the article and for your comment ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  5. Thanks for the great article Satish.
    When it comes to meditation, my biggest struggle is ..consistency.
    Keep on coming out with more info…I really enjoy it.

    • Hi Geni,

      It’s not just you majority of us struggle with consistency. I hope this post helped you find an answer to your question. Stay Blessed 🙂


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