Meditation Program For Beginners – Incredibly Powerful & Easy

Just getting started with meditation?

You have read about the benefits of meditation and probably must have heard from friends, family members or even celebrities who swear by their 15 minute meditation practice.

You must have come across stories of how a daily meditation practice helped someone come out of their depression or rediscover a new life or simply become more energetic, happier and achieve a state of total peacefulness. Many people are even claiming meditation as their ‘secret’ for their improved quality of life.

But wait, there’s a hitch?

You are probably wondering what am I supposed to be doing as a beginner? How should I sit for my meditation practice? How long should I meditate? How do I stop my thoughts? Am I meditating correctly? Many questions…Right!

As I was doing my research I stumbled upon a meditation program for beginners which is incredibly powerful and easy to use. Welcome to The Meditation Program that uses the very latest scientific research and technology to make meditation as effortless and beneficial as possible.

No need to assume any uncomfortable positions or chant any mantra. No need to read boring books about the ‘right’ way to meditate. Just listen to each session, in the comfort of your own home and let The Meditation Program do all the work.

Meet The Creator

Meet the man behind this program. Hale Carlton the former CEO of the Australian brainwave giant “Deep Brainwaves Inc”. Hale is a recognized expert in mind technology, a field he has studied for many years. Working with many experts and having studied Basic Brainwave Patterns to Advanced Neurotechnology, Hale developed many products, including Binaural Beats and Subliminal CDs.

Hale states that by following this program as instructed from beginning to end will:

  • Lower your stress levels.
  • Improve your self-awareness.
  • Improve your emotional well-being.
  • Help you live longer and feel healthier.
  • Help you learn to focus and think more clearly.
  • Balance your thinking and help you perform at your peak.
  • Enable you to achieve profoundly deep levels of meditation.
  • Dramatically improve your learning skills, memory, and intuition.

Not bad for starters, Isn’t it?

I bet you are itching to find out more about this program – Right? Let us discover exactly how to use the program.

How To Use The Meditation Program

How To Use The Meditation Program

The Meditation Program comes as a set of 6 CDs or downloadable audio recordings covering 8 different Levels. Each Level takes you deeper and deeper, and influences your brainwaves to bring about profound meditative experiences.

You can use The Meditation Program in two separate ways:

  • The “Quick Fix” Method – For short term and temporary boost.
  • The Recommended Listening Program – A more permanent, lasting, long-term solution

To get the most from the program and realize your true potential, I advise to use the audio recordings as per the Recommended Listening Program.

However, if you simply want to relax and unwind after a hard day at the office, or need to quickly recharge your batteries, then you can use the quick fix method.

So let’s start by looking at the simpler quick-fix method you can use to gain fast & effective short-term benefits.

The Quick Fix Method:

Quick Fix Method

You can listen to any CD or audio track at any time to get the results you’re after. The effects are temporary, and may only last a few hours – but they’re always enjoyable. For example, to get into “the Zone,” you can simply slip on your headphones, lay back, and listen to Level 4.

Keep in mind you need not adopt any funny positions or chant any mantra. You don’t even have to close your eyes. Although, I would recommend listening while sitting upright, with your eyes closed. You can however listen while laying on your bed, or as you work. Remember, however, that you shouldn’t use any of these recordings when you must stay awake (for example: while driving).

Here’s a quick rundown of the main Levels and their effects:

  • Level 1: Light relaxation.
  • Level 2: Stress removal.
  • Level 3: Deep relaxation.
  • Level 4: ‘Super’ learning facilities (especially when combined with track 3).
  • Level 5: Accelerated learning & memory boost.
  • Level 6: Stimulate creativity and intuition.
  • Level 7: Awesome relaxation & rejuvenation.
  • Level 8: Deep, refreshing sleep & immune system boost.

The more you use these quick fix recordings, the faster your brain will be at reaching each individual state. With regular use, you will be able to reach states of accelerated learning, problem solving, stress relief, and more – in just a matter of minutes.

These fantastic ‘short-term’ fixes are meant to give you a quick boost or instant relaxation. For permanent changes, follow the Recommended Listening Program from beginning to end.

Now let’s find out how to use The Meditation Program to make lasting, positive change in your life.

The Recommended Listening Program

For long-lasting and more developed results, you need to treat your brain like a muscle. That means working it out daily, slowly expanding its capacity, until it becomes stronger and more resilient.

The Meditation Program comes on a set of 6 CDs or as audio downloads. Each audio track represents one of 8 different Levels, and ideally you should listen to each Level in turn as explained below.

Also, please note that Levels 1 & 2 are connected, as are Levels 3 & 4. To achieve everything you want to achieve, follow the guidelines and listen to the tracks in the order they’re presented. Once you become familiar with the program and your brain has fully adjusted to this type of stimulation, you will be able to dip in and out of the tracks as you wish.

To get the most from the program, follow these steps:

  • Listen to one section / level from the program ONCE A DAY (30 to 60 minutes required daily).
  • Use STEREO HEADPHONES to get the most from the material and enhance the experience. Ensure you use high quality headphones, with noise-cancelling, bass-boosting, or other features. Although you can listen without headphones, I recommend using them for maximum effect.
  • Listening to the program IN THE DAYTIME is recommended. If doing so, cover or close your eyes for maximum enjoyment and effectiveness.
  • Empty your mind, relax, and simply PLAY the material. If thoughts from the day arise, simply let them appear and fade. Don’t fight any experience that may occur. Just enjoy whatever happens! Simply exist in silence and let the recordings meditate for you.
  • Listen to each Level or audio track for 5 TO 8 TIMES before moving on to the next Level.Recommended Listening Program

The first four Levels are designed to ease you into the program. To help accomplish this goal, the tracks are only 30 minutes long. Once you move on to Level 5, the tracks are 60 minutes long and will require more listening time for maximum benefit.

Remember that you don’t have to adopt any special sitting position to listen to this program. For maximum effectiveness, I recommend sitting down with your back in an upright position, and your eyes closed. I also suggest keeping awake during the entire session. If you find sitting up uncomfortable, you can lay down on a bed instead – however beware of the natural tendency to fall asleep.

To get the optimum results from the Recommended Listening Program, try to follow this schedule:

  • Week One
    Listen to Level 1 (the 1st audio track/track 1 on CD1) every day for a whole week, or as often as convenient.
    Total daily listening time: 30 minutes.
  • Week Two
    Listen to Levels 1 & 2 (audio tracks 1 & 2/tracks 1 & 2 on CD1) consecutively for a whole week.
    Total daily listening time: 60 minutes.
  • Week Three
    Listen to Level 3 (the 3rd audio track/track 1 on CD2) every day for a whole week.
    Total daily listening time: 30 minutes.
  • Week Four
    Listen to Levels 3 & 4 (audio tracks 3 & 4/tracks 1 & 2 on CD2) consecutively for a whole week.
    Total daily listening time: 60 minutes.
  • Weeks Five, Six, Seven, Eight
    Listen to each remaining Level in series for a period of one whole week before moving onto the next.
    Total daily listening time for Levels 5 through 8: 60 minutes.

Please note: Each Level from 5 to 8 comes as a 60-minute audio track or on a separate CD. So Level 5 is on CD3, Level 6 on CD4, Level 7 on CD5 and Level 8 on CD6.

Like anything new, it takes practice and a bit of patience. The secret is not to rush but to move through the program slowly and calmly, giving yourself and your brain time to adjust to each new Level and the changes that occur in your mind and body.

You may find that you don’t have time to sit and listen to one session of the program every single day. If that is the case, try working through the program month by month.

You can try moving through Levels 1 and 2 in the first month, then Levels 3 and 4 in the second month, followed by a whole month for each of the subsequent Levels. This program allows you steadier progress and ensures you don’t miss out of the great benefits.

The monthly listening program is also useful if you feel everything is moving forward a little too fast, or you find yourself feeling mentally foggy or emotionally drained after each session.

So that’s the recommended listening program…

How Does The Meditation Program Works

How Does The Meditation Program Works

The Meditation Program uses the world’s most advanced audio technology to let you tap into the deepest levels of meditation.

It works by helping your brain “follow” certain frequencies and get into the state of mind you’re trying to achieve. And we already know that certain brainwave frequencies make it easier for us to accomplish certain things.

For example, right now as you’re reading this, you’re in Beta. When you’re asleep, you’re in Delta. And when you’re in “the Zone” you’re in Alpha.

Sometimes you can get into these states on your own. But to access the deepest levels can take years, and might only happen occasionally or even accidentally. And that’s the beauty of the Meditation Program. It offers a way for you to experience the deepest meditation almost immediately and with practically no effort whatsoever.


Wondering How?

By using “binaural beats”, a technique discovered in 1839 by German scientist H.W. Dove. He found that if you play slightly different frequencies into the left and right ear, the difference between the two frequencies is generated inside the mind. Your brain “follows” this frequency and puts you into the state of mind associated with that frequency.

So just by listening to deep Alpha, deep Theta and upper Delta frequencies, you’ll be able to replicate states of incredibly deep meditation. Which means you’ll experience total relaxation, insights, increased memory functions, and many more self-development breakthroughs.

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It’s the cutting edge in meditation technology, and it gives you the power to achieve instant meditation and all the benefits that go with it, in the comfort of your own home.

The recordings are so powerful, they even incorporate monaural beats technology. That means you can listen without using headphones, yet still enjoy the same benefits.

It’s the 21st century solution to tapping into zones that would otherwise take years of meditation and enlightenment to achieve.

How Safe Is This Program

How safe is this program

This program is 100% Safe. It’s been tested by 1000s of individuals throughout the globe, and they’ve only ever reported entirely positive results.

That said, under no circumstances should you drive a car or operate dangerous machinery while listening to any of these recordings. The brainwave technology used in this program can produce very hyper-relaxed states that may endanger you in situations that require your direct attention.

Those who are epileptic, or have a serious mental disorder, should not use the any recording or brainwave entrainment technology without the approval of an appropriate medical physician. However rare, there is a risk of seizure associated with individuals who are predisposed to epileptic fits. Consult your doctor directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding audio brainwave entrainment technology’s effect on you.

In addition, this program is not recommended for anyone who is under 18 years old, pregnant women and those wearing a pacemaker.

How Much Does The Meditation Program Cost

The usual price of this program is $295, however they are currently running a special promotion and providing this program at their lowest one-time fee of $85 only. That’s just 30 cents a day over the course of the ENTIRE PROGRAM.

Most competitors are charging for a similar program $200 for their first level and about $300 for each subsequent level. The Meditation Program isn’t like that. You get instant access to all the 8 Levels of this program at a tiny price.

If you are wondering if this is the right program or have any concerns / questions like; Will this work? What if I do not experience the desired benefits? Then do not worry as you are covered with 1 Year 100% Money Back Guarantee. That means you can literally try this entire program for entire year completely risk free – How does this sound ? If you are not happy they will refund your entire money.

Take advantage of an all-time low price and a 1-year guarantee.

Final Thoughts

If you wish to experience a profound meditation practice, a stress-free life with improved health and increased creativity then give this program a try.

If you are new to meditation or simply looking for overall emotional well-being with super energy then go ahead and discover the meditation program today.

I wish you all the very best with this program. If you are have any queries, feel free to post in the comments section.

Please note I receive compensation if you click on any links mentioned in this post to purchase a product or service from the third party website. Also, purchasing a product or service from above links does not increase your purchase price, however it is a great way to thank me if you enjoy my content and find my suggestions useful. I only recommend products and services that I have personally used or thoroughly researched.

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  1. Hi Satish,

    You have done an excellent here by explaining the science behind mediation. I think without knowing we slip in and out of our brain frequencies unaware of how it affects or involves our outcomes.

    You have outlined that and I find it informative. We learn everyday. Thank you for this helpful piece of information.

    • Hi lbi,

      Thanks for your comment, I am happy you found this useful. Wishing you all the best with your meditation practice ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  2. Hello Satish,

    What a great post. Meditation is a great way to relax and ” collect yourself “. I truly enjoy using this method to switch off for the day. I think if more people are made aware of how to do it and that it is safe to do, the less stressful this world would be. Great article, very informative. Thank you. Felicity

    • Hi Felicity,

      I am happy to know that you practice meditation, share this post with your friends if possible and let’s do our bit to make more people aware about meditation ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  3. Hi Satish,

    I had no idea that there was such a thing as a meditation class. Let alone one that you could use in-home without having to travel to some kind of religious temple. When I’ve tried to meditate in the past I always had those exact sentiments you mentioned before. “Am I doing it right?” “how should I sit?” “should I think of nothing or something, or both?” Thank you for such great information!

    • Hi Dan,

      These concerns are normal when you start meditation (especially beginners), with this Meditation Program you do not need to adopt any special sitting position. Just sit with your back straight and your eyes closed. Do not drift away to sleep and be awake during the entire session.

      If you want to go slow, then go with “Recommended Listening Program” as explained in the post above. Wishing you all the best with this program ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  4. Hi Satish,

    I have been doing yoga and meditation for the past 5 years and I can not imagine how I would feel if I did not meditate on a consistent basis. The meditation program is intriguing because as you mentioned it can take a long time to get into the state of mind that is absolutely best for meditation on your own.

    • Hi Max,

      Good to note that you are “seasoned person” when it comes to meditation. You are right – The beauty of this Meditation Program is that it offers a way to experience the deepest meditation almost immediately and with practically no effort. Such deepest levels can take years of meditation practice, if you take the traditional route ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  5. Hi Satish,

    I really enjoyed this post as meditation is something I’ve often tried but found hard to maintain focus. The meditation program sounds very interesting and I like the idea it’s divided up into different levels. This is a brilliant program for beginners and saves years of practice. I’ll certainly be taking a look:) Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Kathy,

      Yes this is good starting point for anyone who is new to meditation. The different Levels in the Meditation Program actually helps in building a regular practice and makes meditation daily habit. I wish you all the best with this program ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  6. Hi Satish,

    Meditation should be a part of everybody’s life. As a Christan, I know that the bible says, you should meditate the Word of God, day and night so that we can have good success. ( Joshua1:8).

    I quite agree that Meditation can sometimes implicate the 3 Dimensions of our being as you suggested in your Post: spirit, soul, and body.

    I m not really a fan of another type of meditation, mainly when this implies any sort of spiritually different from a genuine relationship with Jesus-Christ.

    • Hi Charles,

      Thank you sharing your viewpoints. Meditation has a spiritual element, that said, one need not be religious to meditate, and someone who is religious does not have to treat meditation as a spiritual practice.

      Rather than focusing on connecting to a wider world, reaching God or improving their own spirituality, we might want to focus on meditation as a tool to clear the mind or using meditation for its stress relieving properties ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  7. Hi Satish,

    I have always wanted to meditate but I’ve never been able to let my mind rest long enough to make it work. Then, on the one occasion that I did get into a meditative state, it sort of scared me because I wasn’t expecting it. I’m very interested in starting so I think I’m going to take this leap, at this great price, and give it a shot!

    • Hi Cynthia,

      Yes it happens for some people (mostly beginners) however there is nothing to be scared about meditation. The recordings of this Meditation Program are so powerful that they even incorporate monaural beats technology. That means you can listen without using headphones, yet still enjoy the same benefits.
      I recommend the monthly listening program, if you feel everything is moving forward a little too fast, or you find yourself feeling mentally foggy or emotionally drained after each session ~ Stay Blessed 🙂


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