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How To Practice Vipassana Meditation

Most of us know meditating regularly drastically improves our life…however the reality is, that it is hard to stick with a daily meditation practice. In this post, I shall talk about a course that teaches you how to practice vipassana meditation effortlessly.

Vipassana meditation (also known as Insight Meditation), is a meditation technique taught by Buddha himself around 2500 years ago. To this day, insight meditation remains one of the oldest and most effective practices we have for calming our minds and awakening our inner joy

Before I talk about the course, I would like you to know about the two people who are behind this course. They have helped thousands of students through their timeless wisdom teachings.

Meet The Teachers

How to practice Vipassana Meditation - Course Teacher - Sharon Salzberg

Sharon Salzberg – She has been a student of Buddhism since 1971 and has been teaching intensive awareness practice and cultivation of lovingkindness & compassion. She is co-founder of Insight Meditation Society and author of several books including The Kindness Handbook & most recently, Real Change.

How to practice Vipassana Meditation - Course Teacher - Joseph Goldstein

Joseph Goldstein – He has studied and practiced various forms of Buddhist meditation under eminent teachers from India & Tibet since 1967. He is also a co-founder of Insight Meditation Society and the author of several books. His audio programs with Sounds True include the three-volume Abiding in Mindfulness series.

Both are world-class teachers and created a 12-session program to teach anyone, with any level of experience, how to start and continue a meditation practice. Let’s delve deeper into the course & understand how it will help you in setting up a meditation practice effortlessly.

What you will learn – Course Curriculum

This course comprises 12 sessions, it contains all the insightful teachings, practices, and downloadable guided meditations to form a daily meditation routine. Let’s look at each session to get the essence of this course.

How to practice Vipassana Meditation - Course Curriculum

Session 1: Introduction to meditation & mindfulness

This session introduces you to the origins of meditation with the story of Buddha. You learn about the Five Precepts and how to cultivate them to strengthen mindfulness. Discover the Eightfold Noble Path which is essentially a path laid down by Buddha to end suffering.

You will be introduced to breathing exercises so that you can get started with your meditation practice.

Session 2: Practices to expand your awareness

You will learn practices & techniques to calm your mind and harness the power of your attention to slow down and become more present.

You will understand how to work with your thoughts as you practice meditation. Also, learn about walking meditation, a traditional method that helps you to be grounded throughout the day. Discover the role of your heart and how you can open it to face reality.

Session 3: How to work with your desires & obstacles

In this session, you will look closely at the emotions of desires and five hindrances to work with during your practice. You will understand the nature of your mind and how it gets conditioned as it clings on to attachments and desires.

You will learn how mindfulness with the right understanding helps in managing your desires and breaking free from the emotions that control your life.

Session 4: Overcoming the common obstacles

In this session, you will look closely at practices to overcome doubt, restlessness, and sleepiness

You will continue to discover how the hindrances disrupt the mind and block your heart. As you go through guided practices to overcome the obstacles, you will learn that it is not about controlling things that happen around you but the ability to stay open and balanced with all that is happening.

Session 5: Working with perceptions

In this session, you will learn how your mind creates concepts and prevents you from facing reality. You will learn practices, that will unhook you from the myths you carry with you. You can break the mental prison as you investigate this deeper reality.

Take practical actions that allow you to experience reality instead of getting clouded by your perceptions/concepts.

Session 6: Facing your sufferings

You will be introduced to Four Noble Truths to acknowledge the existence of suffering. Buddha said, suffering is part of life and you can end the suffering if you understand how it arises, and what causes it. Being ignorant about suffering is avoiding it.

You learn practices, that will allow you to work with suffering in your own life. As you walk on this path you will experience real freedom.

Session 7: Getting out of self-deception

You will look at various traps that your mind creates to manipulate the situation instead of seeing things as they are. Through ‘wise attention’ you can recognize these tendencies and shed light on your own delusions and free yourself from them.

You will learn a guided practice & exercise to avoid the trap of self-deception.

Session 8: Understanding the Law of cause & effect

This session helps you unearth the misconceptions about the concept of Karma. You will have a better understanding of this law, how it happens, and has a multiplying effect on our lives.

Discover the six realms of existence, the importance of your intentions, and meditation as a path to purify your karma.

Session 9: Finding your balance under pressure

In this session, you will learn to develop equanimity. You will find situations in life, that might completely shake you up, at such testing times, the power of perspective helps you ride the wave without getting washed away with it.

You will discover eight vicissitudes that you will encounter every time in life and with equanimity, you will be able to chart a steady course.

Session 10: Deepening your practice

In this session, we will look at cultivating qualities that will empower us to continue with our practice. You will learn about the five spiritual faculties that bring power and balance to your mind and is an essential part of the path to freedom.

When your concentration & mindfulness becomes strong you will develop wisdom which is primarily an intuitive understanding that no amount of reasoning can bring about.

Session 11: Opening the heart with love & compassion

This session helps you unlock the power of Metta or lovingkindness. Learn the four phases of lovingkindness from loving ourselves to loved ones, then to strangers and the world.

Understand the process of learning to be aware when our heart is open or closed, and clarify the obstacles that come your way to experience lovingkindness in your life.

Session 12: Meditation Practice that grows with you

This session brings an end to this course and begins a new chapter in your life with meditative awareness in every area of your life.

Continue your practice and keep exploring the wisdom deep within you. Revisit the basic techniques integrate them into your world and take your practice off the cushion.

How Much Does This Course Cost

At the time of writing this post, there is a promotional offer going on. The actual price of this course is $337 however it is available at a discounted price of $137. You can take advantage of this offer and save $200.

The best part is if you are not happy with the course or if this does not meet your expectations then you can ask for a full refund within 1 year from the date of purchase. So, there is practically zero risk of losing money as you can literally try this course for one full year.

Final Thoughts

If you are really serious about laying the foundations for successful meditation practice – With basic instruction in sitting, breathing, and mindfulness then you have world-renowned teachers who’ve helped thousands of students through all types of challenges and overcome common obstacles on the path to real freedom.

If you would like to start—or continue—a profound meditation practice that will transform your way of being in the world, then I wholeheartedly invite you to join the course & make the most of it ~ Wishing you the very best!

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