Pranayama Course By Richard Freeman (Review)

Here is a simple trick to reduce your stress?

If you can pay attention to your breath and learn how to manipulate it, then you can considerably lower your daily stress levels. After reading this, you may be wondering, this sounds interesting but how do you do this? How can I manipulate my breath for more peace?

When I came to know this trick, I decided to study further on this subject and it was during my research I came across the term “Pranayama” – Have you heard about this before? Yes or No.

Pranayama is a breathing technique, which uses the breath as a vehicle to train our mind. As I delved further I stumbled across “Pranayama Course – By Richard Freeman” In this post, I shall share more details on this course and how you can take advantage of this technique to make your entire life better. First, let me introduce you to the person who is behind this course.

Meet The CreatorRichard Freeman

Richard Freeman has been a student of yoga since 1968. He has lived for 12 years in Asia studying both Western and Eastern philosophy. He studied various traditions that incorporate into the Ashtanga yoga practice taught by his principal teacher, K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. His background includes studying Sufism in Iran, Zen, Vipassana Buddhist practice, Bhakti and traditional Hatha yoga in India.

In 1974 he began an in-depth study of Iyengar Yoga, which eventually led him to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Richard’s ability to place his viewpoints, without losing the depth and integrity of each is the hallmark style of his teaching. He conducts public classes, month and week-long intensive sessions at his home base, the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado. He also spends a good part of the year traveling as a guest instructor at studios throughout the world. He is the author of the book, The Mirror of Yoga and has produced a number of instructional DVDs on yoga asana, philosophy, breathing, and chanting.

How Does This Course Work

Pranayama Course - How Does The Course WorkWith Pranayama, Richard Freeman brings you a six-month online video training course which will teach you advanced yogic meditative techniques that will serve as a solid base for a longstanding practice.

He says Pranayama is considered the central practice that will lead you into the true promise of yoga i.e. The experience of freedom itself.

When performed correctly, this powerful form of conscious breathwork reveals the intricate web of your thoughts, physiology, and energetic patterns – Helping you learn to quiet the mind, heighten receptivity, and open to what is referred to in yoga as the intrinsic radiance of being.

In this course you will receive:

1. Six Video Learning Sessions (Each video is for 75 minutes):

Richard Freeman presents workshops of advanced yogic meditative techniques that will serve as a solid base for longstanding pranayama practice.

2. A Month-by-Month Practice Plan:

Encouragement, reminders, and more exercises for continuing your progress.

3. Supplemental Resources:

The course includes an online glossary of terms, additional resources, and anatomical images to support your evolving practice.

4. Practice Tracker:

An online tool to visually track your progress with each exercise.

5. Complete Downloads of All Course Materials:

The entire program of Pranayama is yours to keep and enjoy as your practice grows.

Get Instant Access – Unfold The Secret of Breath With Pranayam Course

What Will You Learn In This Course

Pranayama Course - What Will You Learn In This Course

Primarily you will learn advanced Yoga Meditation and breathwork techniques, in addition to this you will also learn a variety of lessons and practices. Pranayama brings you into the company of one of today’s most sought after teachers.

After going through this course you will have clarity on the following questions, which will eventually help you in leading a better life.

1. What is the history of Pranayama & What are the essential principles of Pranayama?

The practice of Pranayama dates back to ancient India, around the sixth and fifth centuries BCE. Pranayama is mentioned in early yoga texts such as Bhagavad Gita. Pranayama uses the breath to direct the flow of energy (Prana) through energy channels in our bodies called as nadis.

One of the key principles behind Pranayama is to clear the obstacles so that the breath and life energy (prana) can flow. These obstacles are nothing but physical or emotional blocks that make us feel unwell or stuck. As we clear these blocks our bodies function properly and our minds become calmer.

2. How to open the internal channels of flow and the full spectrum of breath to manifest?

Pranayama breathing techniques focus on one or four parts of breath:

  • Inhalation (puraka)
  • Retention after inhalation (antara khumbaka)
  • Exhalation (rechaka)
  • Retention after exhalation (bahya khumbaka)

Practice should be built gradually, the aim is not to restrict your breath or see how long you can hold your breath for. Never compromise the quality of the breath. The more you practice the better you will be able to use more of your lung capacity.

Try to stay focused on the journey and not the destination. Pranayama should be done with great care and awareness. As you give time to your practice, you will gradually start to notice the benefits of the practice.

3. How does Pranayama help to revitalize the body, mind, and spirit?

Pranayama Course - How it revitalize the body, mind, and spirit

The daily practice of Pranayama helps to improve mood, sleep, energy levels, and digestion. Different types of Pranayama have specific benefits.

For instance, if your mind is buzzing and you want to apply brakes, then you can try Bee Breath (Bhramari Pranayama). This technique helps those who have hypertension.

Skull Shining breath (Kapal Bhati) helps to energize and detoxify the body and clear the energy channels. Similarly, if you are feeling low levels of energy then three rounds of Bellow Breath (Bhastrika Pranayama) will get your energy levels soaring.

If you are unable to concentrate and feel distracted then try nine rounds of Nadi Shodhan Pranayama, this helps to calm and center the mind by bringing harmony to both sides of the brain which influences the logical and emotional aspects of our personality.

4. How Pranayama creates harmony at all levels?

Pranayama is a conscious practice of regulating the breath, this, in turn, increases your energy and life force while helping to focus the mind.

It serves as an important bridge between yoga’s active, outward practices like asana and yoga’s internal meditative or philosophical facets.

5. How to perform Pranayama while sitting down or lying down?

In this course, Richard has provided demonstrations and specific guidance when it comes to performing Pranayama. He has also included anatomical images to support your evolving pranayama practice.

Many people are not drawn towards pranayama as they see a video or photos in a magazine and encounter the outward shapes of yoga asanas. Also, many people have a notion that only if I work out, lift weights in the gym, then I will get strong and have a strong immune system.

The regular practice of Hatha yoga improves sitting posture and brings flexibility. It helps the spine, chest muscle, hips to be strong for a still posture.

6. How Pranayama awakens and strengthens your body’s natural intelligence?

Ancient yogis observed that prana (life energy) pervaded every single cell of the physical body and simultaneously expanded in all directions outside the body outline.

Pranayama has the effect of oxygenating the blood. The newly oxygenated blood spreads from the lungs to the heart; the heart then propels this blood through the arteries to each area of the physical body, where it permeates every cell.

These cells, in turn, eliminate toxins and lactic acid. As a result, the body gradually becomes pain-free and the aging process slows. In essence, a regular practitioner of pranayama will enjoy good health and happiness.

How Much Does This Course Cost

As I write this post this course is available at a deep discounted one-time price of $83. The original price of this course is $137. I am not sure how long this discount of 40% will prevail. Nevertheless, consider this as an investment in yourself to deepen your meditation practice for your overall well-being.

If you are not happy with the course or if it does not meet your expectations, you are backed by a 1-year money-back guarantee. In my opinion, this guarantee should negate all the doubts and concerns (if you have) regarding this course and if you are really keen on building a long-lasting practice, then you should give it a try.

Final Thoughts

Pranayama course shares the wisdom of Richard’s four-plus decades of teaching and practice to unfold the secret of breath to better our lives. He says that every breath we take can become a guiding thread into the depths of yoga – A place of freedom and awareness that begins on the practice mat and gradually extends into each moment of our lives.

I wish you all the very best with this course if you still have questions or wish to share your experience then feel free to leave your comments.

Get Instant Access – Unfold The Secret of Breath With Pranayam Course

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16 thoughts on “Pranayama Course By Richard Freeman (Review)”

  1. Hi Satish,

    Wonderful information and course. Pranayama will help a lot of people. Yogic breathing is incredibly relaxing and centering. Cycle breathing and bee breath are some favorites. 8 in, hold 5, 8 out hold 4, repeat.

    • Hi Wakeman,

      Indeed, I completely agree with you. The daily practice of Pranayama will help to improve mood, sleep, energy levels, and digestion. Thank you for sharing your experience and your comment ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  2. Hi Satish,

    I really enjoyed your article. I know very little about meditation and Pranayama. However, there is a lot of time to kill at present and also I have been looking for something to upscale myself and try something new. I will take a look at this course.

    • Hi Russ,

      I like the fact that you wanted to do something meaningful and make the best use of the present time. Pranayama course will teach you advanced yogic meditative techniques that will serve as a solid base for a longstanding practice. Ensure you make meditation a daily practice. Wishing you all the best with this course ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  3. Hi Satish,

    Thanks for the review – definitely going into my bookmarks! I was just wondering if there is a pre-requisite amount of flexibility to be able to do the course? I have limited ankle flexibility and so I struggle with some yoga poses. Or is there a progressive increase in difficulty to the exercises?


    • Hi Martina,

      Some experience in yoga is preferred not mandatory for the this course. A regular practice of Pranayama improves flexibility, if you experience pain or struggle with any poses then you need not perform certain exercises. Wishing you all the best with this course ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  4. Hi Satish,

    Thank you for this review! I am not an expert of Yoga but I am trying to learn more about it because it seems to be extremely relaxing, for both mind and body. I found this article very useful to decide where to start. I will give this a try.

    • Hi Rosalia,

      I am glad you found this information useful. You don’t need to be a expert in Yoga for taking this course, I am sure you will find this course resourceful. Wishing you all the best with this course ~ Stay Blessed 🙂

  5. Hi Satish,

    As a psych student studying his masters in grad school, I completely agree with this content! Breathing techniques are incredible. We may oversimplify their effectiveness but they actually reduce stress and anxiety… and this is based on solid research! Also, I have heard about Richard Freeman, he is a excellent teacher.

    Great stuff!

  6. Hi Satish,

    This is very informational. I was looking for a course like this for a long period of time. Do you recommend it for complete beginners or do you need to have any prior experience. I want to try this….

  7. Thank you Satish, very good review of this course. Meditation is a good practice to overcome this crisis and emerge mentally and emotionally stronger. I practice meditation every day, since several years, and I confirm its benefits. I hope that many people buy this course and I´ll recommend it among my friends.

    • Hi Joel,

      If you are new to Pranayama practice then you will find this course informative and will most likely help is forming a solid base for a longstanding practice. The author does say experience in Yoga will be beneficial for this course, however he does provide demonstrations and specific guidance when it comes to performing Pranayama practice. So if you are keen you may want to explore the course to see if it meets your requirements. Also, remember if the course does not meet your expectations you are covered with a 1-year money back guarantee. Wishing you the very best with this course ~ Stay Blessed 🙂


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