How Meditation Helps In Depression ? Say Goodbye To Pills!


Sorry…can i ask you a direct question ? Are you depressed ? Most people feel ashamed in admitting that there is something wrong with them…isn’t it ? If you have been going through a challenging time, there are chances that you will be sad or perhaps feeling lonely at times. Let me tell you it’s …

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Learning How To Meditate – For Beginners

How To Meditate - For Beginners

Are you someone who has heard about meditation and are aware that meditation has a lot of benefits however wonder as to how to meditate or how long should I meditate then you are at the right place. In this article you will learn a simple 3 step meditation practice which you can put into …

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About Satish

Hey there, welcome to my corner of the web! We all have a unique journey when it comes to meditation, and mine is no different. Like many, I’d heard about the benefits of meditation, but it wasn’t until a challenging period in my life that I truly embraced it. You see, I lost my job, …

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